by: Bekindbella

“I pray your energy isn’t wasted on unworthy people. I pray you have the courage and strength to build yourself so you no longer become prey to these men who hunt you and hurt you. I pray you are guided by wise people who shine light on your darkness. I pray that you find peace in knowing that whatever you’re going through right now will pass, because underneath the clouds, the sun will always be there, shinning again.”



Image by Jed Villejo from Unplash
Image by Jed Villejo by Unplash

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You’re on camera

I would nurture all the memories with joy.

I do not find myself very comfortable being sorrounded by a lot of people

Eventhough they annoy me a lot sometimes

but with then, i found comfort.

In favorite places

With favorite people.

I’ve been blessed to meet a lot wonderful people who i’ve learned a lot from!

In fact, it’s infinite

We have better things to do

Enjoy the ride

Until next time, XOXO ijah.